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Bibione is an island surrounded by lagoon and sea with 12 km of beach, located in the North-East of Italy, in the Veneto region in the province of Venice.

With my boat I organize, starting from the Casoni of Bibione Pineda, excursions in the Lagoon, in the nearby Brussa, in the tributary canals of the river Tagliamento and in the river itself, up to the foci in the Faro area. The return to the Port Baseleghe by sea is by navigating along the coast, thus giving visitors the opportunity to admire the beauties of Lido dei Pini, Bibione Spiaggia, Lido del Sole and Bibione Pineda and then return to Laguna again. For lovers of sport fishing I give the opportunity to spend half a day at sea, staying within 6 miles from the coast and providing everything necessary for fishermen. Then for those who want to experience the sunset every night there is the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magical variety of colors and reflections that only the sun can give to the lagoon of Bibione.

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Most Popular Excursions

Captain Igloo® - Bibione - IT

Fireworks display

In Bibione, in the period of June - July -
Captain Igloo® - Bibione - IT

Big excursion to Bibione and Caorle

A ride around Bibione: we will sail along the internal
Captain Igloo® - faro Bibione - IT

Big excursion in Tagliamento river to the lighthouse

A ride around Bibione: we will sail along the internal
Captain Igloo® - Bibione - IT

Bibione Lagoon

From the "Ai Casoni" restaurant of Bibione pineda, sailing along
Captain Igloo® - Isola della Madonnina del Polesine - Bibione

Madonnina Island

Excursion to the island of Madoninna Del Polesine. In the
Captain Igloo® - Bibione - IT

Sunset in the Bibione lagoon

Departure: "Ai Casoni" restaurant. Every evening.
Captain Igloo® - Bibione - IT

Sport Fishing

Sea fishing sessions up to 6 nautical miles. Everyday.
The experience of the sea, told with

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